Home Defensive – Interior decoration for the post factual era

What will you do when the trespassers come knocking on your door, when the uninvited visitor is already climbing through your window? If you live in the country and have hunting as a hobby, you might already be well prepared, but if you dwell in a cosy house or flat in town or suburb, you might have no idea whatsoever what to do! Maybe you would rush to the kitchen for a meat cleaver, or grab your tennis racket from the wardrobe. But honestly, don’t you think that they come better prepared than that?
No panic, there is a better solution available. Why not invest in superior security as well as in style? Buy an artwork you could kill with! Ultimately, the old swords, shields and halberds that adorn the walls of noble homes are not only there for decoration. For the modern middle class there is now a more elegant alternative, so that no one needs to pretend being a fantasy nerd to be able to feel safe at home. The series Home-Defensive by artist Tobias Sternberg offers a scope of possibilities, for big and small, and in a form that befits the modern home. Does it seem just a little bit bold? Are you wondering what neighbours and guests will think? No worries, it is after all conceptual art, and as everyone knows, the sophisticated person must understand and appreciate irony. Like in this text for example. The artworks are, notwithstanding, still excellently suitable also for their secondary purpose – to defend your home!

Home Defensive is Tobias Sternberg’s first solo presentation in Sweden.

Galleri ID:I

Tjärhovsgatan 19, 116 28 Stockholm

Vernissage Thursday 23rd February, 18-22h

Runs to March 5th

Thursdays-Fridays 12-18h, Saturdays-Sundays 12-16h



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