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Made in China

Made in China, 2022, sculpture, 47cm x 90cm x 7cm, Chinese Police anti-riot shield, blinking Christmas lights and epoxy. The Chinese made cheap Christmas lights spells the words “Made in China” on an anti riot shield for the Chinese Police.


Richter, 2015, sculpture, re-assembled and altered wooden side-board, on plinth made of wood and epoxy. 82cm x 62cm x 87cm. Richter, detail. Richter, detail. Richter, detail.

Schwarzes Lächeln

Schwarzes Lächeln, 2021, Assemblage, Epoxy on Election Poster and chip board. During the Berlin election of 2021, as usual, the parties placated the city with posters of their candidates. Riding my bike to the studio most days, I couldn’t help notice that along one of the roads, the posters of one particular candidate, were always …


FACTS, 2022, wall sculpture, 155cm x 100cm, weaponized letters on epoxy lacquered speech bubble. Plywood, epoxy, wood, steel. The letters can either be secured from the back by hidden screws, or left loose so that they can be picked up and handled.